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Travel to Australia, December, 23, Paris airport

It is ten oclock and it is dark outside. we wait boarding, i am hunggry but i have to wait because we gone a have meal on board. The flight will last about nine hours, i hope i could sleep!


This is Dubai’s airport.

We are in Dubai! its nine in the morning, and the city is amazing, the buildings are huge this is awesome! but i just want to go back to the plain because it is very hot and humid and I do not like this climate. But we went to the tallest tower in the city and in the world who is the « Bourdj Khalifa » tower. I never saw something like that before, you can’t even see the top. But I am disappointed that we did not have time to visit because of our flight. we will finaly flight back to Cairns!
French climber Alain Robert climbs tower of Burj Khalifa

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