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Travel to Australia, December, 29&30 Hamilton Island

Today, (the 29) around two pm the boat dropped us off at Hamilton Island for 2 days.
The island is heavenly with its long white sandy beaches and her azure water.
Early in the after noon we went on hiking in the island because the island is largely composed of a natural reserve. I do not really like the hike but the scenery you can see give lot of scence to this activitie !
Tomorrow we leave for sea diving on the Great Barrier of reef, and Im eager to go!


it’s the big day, we’ll finally go to the Great Barrier Reef but first we took breakfast at Wild Life where koalas was dozing in the trees just next to the tables, this is a good place to wake up in a good mood !
Then we took the boat to site. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over more than 2300 km, is the largest coral reef in the world and is home to magical funds, a beauty and an extraordinary variety: over 350 varieties of coral and not less than 1500 species of chicks and crustaceans. The seabed were wonderful as promised and the clear water allowed us to see the fishs and some strange crustaceans below us, we can see corals of all colors. I think it was the most beautiful thing i ever seen!
these two days on this island were beautiful I just regret not having seen whiteheaven beach but we have to took back the boat !

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