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Travel to Australia, January, 2, Byron Bay

We are in the country of surfing so we could not leave without tried. So we spend most of the day at Byron Bay wich is the most eastern city of the Australian continent. His legendary waves make it one of the most popular surf spots in Australia, they said that during the migration season you can see whales, its to bad that we should not be there in the right time. So, I tooked a surf court with my father. In reality it is more complicated than it looks, because it is hard to get up and that’s even harder to stay on the board (we were pretty bad but it was fun). Meanwhile my mother and my sister went to hike among the virgin forests and the cliffs, they said they saw some dolphins playing in the waves. So it was a great day for everyone and especially for my sister who wanted to see a dolphin before we tooked back the ship to Sydney!

there is a picture of Byron Bay

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